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Why us?

We develop not only attractive designs, but also rely primarily on analysis and strategy. Due to this, the design becomes convenient, thoughtful and functional, ensuring the loyalty of your consumers, taking into account the interests of users and business.

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What we offer?

Landing pages design

We create effective landing page designs that help to keep your potential client on the site for as long as possible, and then transfer him into a buyer.

Websites design

A well-thought-out website design developed by our team will create the right impression about your company and will also significantly affect the conversion.

Online stores design

The design of an online store should be bright and catchy, so our task is to correctly arrange the colors, fonts and content that will lead the user to purchases.

Web solutions design

Effective design for complex solutions, which is able to solve the company’s tasks – to form an image, attract new customers, and increase targeted actions.

Stages of design development

We will conduct an audit of the existing site and find out the shortcomings of the UI/UX design that lead to low conversions.
We will collect all the data and understand how we can improve the new website to achieve maximum results.
Competitor analysis
We study and create images of users who are your target audience.
We identify competitors in search engines and conduct a full audit of their sites.
We find strengths and weaknesses in the design of competitors, based on the data obtained, we develop a strategy.
We think over the structure of the site, menu, internal pages and key elements.
We develop the order of pages and blocks based on existing content and analytics.
We formulate technical specifications for the development of a prototype of all pages of the website.
We develop a prototype for your website – design of the main page and up to 2 prototypes of internal pages.
After the approval of the layout, we develop the design of the website and the main internal elements.
We adapt the developed design to all screen sizes.

Our experience

Thanks to many years of experience in the development of challenging and complex projects, we have learned to meet the expectations of the target audience and the wishes of the customers, as well as the requirements of search engines, which allows us to develop not only convenient, but also functional design.